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Property & Casualty Insurance

Date: Friday, July 27, 2012

Join Us at 10:00am EDT for this event

I’m very pleased to share with you that Unicorn HRO® is now offering a full product line of Property and Casualty Insurance.   This innovative new service will allow businesses  to reduce their overall P&C insurance cost an average of 15% - 20%. You can still keep you current broker and receive the same or better service.  There has never been a better time for you to partner with Unicorn HRO. We’ll become a true partner sharing a portion of your P&C risk

The formation of our new company, Unicorn Benefits and Insurance Services can provide you  with real-time evaluation of Property and Casualty insurance premiums, history and calculations.  In addition to these obvious benefits, we are offering Name an important price guarantee: Unicorn’s Workers' Compensation will be offered at the same, or lower, annual cost as the insurance you are currently paying.

P&C Insurance, Commercial Lines

  • capital assets (output policy)
  • crime and fidelity , electronic commerce
  • employment-related practices liability
  • general liability, D&O, E&O  and management protection
  • medical-professional liability
  • property
  • umbrella

Workers' Compensation Insurance

  • Maximize cash flow
  • Pay premiums in real-time, based on actual payrolls rather than estimates
  • Eliminate large installment payments
  • Evaluate premium payment history and calculation in real-time
  • Eliminate the need for end-of-year insurance reconciliation audits