Unicorn HRO Offers a Concierge Level of Service

At  Unicorn HRO we offer much more than your typical benefits, payroll and HR outsourcing services; we offer a partnership. We offer a concierage level of service, ensuring that our clients are able to to maximize their return on their invested HR-dollar, while at the same time striving to minimize their involvement in the time-consuming, day-to-day HR/benefit operations.

How Does it Work? 

Critical employee and client information is entered into Unicorn’s human resource information system, iCON, via enrollment forms, personnel action reports, or client payroll registers. iCON is a comprehensive state-of-the-art HRIS offering features including, but not limited to, unlimited history retention, internet accessibility, and field and file security. On occasion, data may also be loaded through an electronic interface, through the client’s employee or manager on-line data entry, via iCON’s manager Services or employee self-service portals.

Acting as an independent, objective third party whose actions are based upon the client’s written policies, guidelines, procedures, plan documents and other instructions, UHRO functions the same as though we were your own benefits department. This includes contact with vendors and employees, resolving eligibility issues, certification problems, responding to contribution plan issues, qualifying domestic relations orders (QDROs), as well as dealing with such regulatory agencies as the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service on benefit matters.

Unicorn provides multi-faceted services addressing most or all of the day-to-day administration required of, and by, our clients to provide employees with cost-effective and competitive HR and benefits administration.

This includes the following:  

  • Assistance with the formulation of budgets
  • Interfacing with vendors and suppliers suppliers
  • Handling regulatory and employee inquiries
  • Maintaining benefits eligibility data

By utilizing our services, our clients have been able to be both creative and innovative in their approach to providing cost-effective customer service to theirs employees, while at the same time being ablt to meet objectives by focusing resources on the core business.

Through the outsourcing of non-core benefits, payroll and HR processes to Unicorn HRO, the client has:

  • Reduced overhead, freeing up personnel and other resources
  • Minimized HR/ Benefits / Payroll related capital expenditures
  • Eliminated investment in a fixed HR/Benefits infrastructure
  • Gained access to a service level for payroll and tax filing that has been validated by an independent audit and issuance of a Type II “Statement of Audited Standards No.70” (SAS70) as a services company
  • Offloaded non-core functions
  • Redirected energy and personnel into the core business
  • Freed the executive team from day-to-day process problems
  • Focused scarce resources on mission-critical projects
  • Reduced the need for internal commitment of specialists
  • Saved on manpower and training costs
  • Controlled operating costs
  • Improved efficiencies, speed, and level of service
  • Provided the best quality of benefits services and products to its employees
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Established long-term, strategic relationships with world-class service providers 
  • Enhanced tactical and strategic advantages
  • Benefited from UHRO’s expertise in solving problems for a variety of clients with similar requirements
  • Acquired access to best practices and proven methodologies
  • Avoided the cost of “chasing technology”
  • Reduced the risk of technological obsolescence
  • Increased efficiency by consolidating and centralizing functions
  • Kept pace and minimized the impact of rapid changes in technology without changing your infrastructure
  • Reduced the overall management burden while retaining control of strategic decision making

A representative list of the HR/Benefits administrative services provided to our premier clients includes the following:

  • Enter and maintain employee new hire information; including benefits, salary, paid time off, dependent, and indicative data
  • Maintain benefit eligibility and enrollment data and  files
  • Process employee benefit terminations and conversions
  • Prepare benefit premium and contribution reports with list bills
  • Collect and disburse benefit premium payments
  • Reconcile monthly premiums vs. list bills
  • Provide consolidated billing services
  • Prepare and submit insurance carrier premium and census data reports 
  • Develop cost analyses and recommendations for cost containment
  • Provide guidance on recordkeeping requirements and maintain required documents
  • Maintain HR/Benefits data electronically and on paper as required
  • Coordinate new plan implementation and electronic interface creation
  • Produce Flexible Spending Account (FSA) contribution reports
  • Produce and electronically submit FSA contribution files
  • Produce regular and ad-hoc FSA reports
  • Coordinate annual FSA nondiscrimination testing
  • Produce 401(k) contribution reports
  • Produce and electronically submit 401(k) contribution files
  • Produce regular and ad-hoc 401(k) reports
  • Coordinate annual 401(k) nondiscrimination testing
  • Prepare regular and ad-hoc human resource management reports
  • Coordinate and maintain employee annual enrollment changes
  • Coordinate benefit communications as required
  • Make available annual employee benefit statements
  • Prepare and make available confirmation statements as required
  • Verify coverage and maintain eligibility files

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