A complete robust, configurable, and completely integrated HR solution that goes to work for you. iCON supports your entire employee life cycle, from help wanted to exit interview and beyond. iCON is a SaaS solution that  gives you all the power and integration of a state-of-the-art application suite without the need for software updates, additional IT support, or concerns about disaster data recovery. 

The iCON application suite includes:

  1. Human Resources: iCON's human resources module tracks all HR information for your employees.
  2. Benefits Administration & Enrollment with Employee Self-Service: With iCON, you can easily set up and configure rule-based benefit plans and then allow employees to enter changes for open enrollment, new hire enrollment and life events as needed. Employees can review their benefits options at work or home and access all necessary plan information in one centralized online repository.
  3. Payroll and Tax: As your value buy in the marketplace, iCON showcases the capabilities you'd expect to find in a best-of-breed payroll system. Regardless of whether you have centralized payroll processing or want payroll processed at each region or location, iCON easily provides all of your payroll processing functions.
  4. Dashboard / Human Capital Analytics and BI Tools: Better information yields better decisions. iCON's web-based manager services module puts real-time employee information directly in the hands of your managers.
  5. Time and Attendance: iCON's self-service module gives you high ROI while allowing employees direct, secure access to the information they need.

Introducing iCON

iCON is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that lets you manage your entire HR business portfolio under a single, web based system. Enjoy easy-to-use modules for Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll.

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"“We are very excited about the Unicorn HRO system - the implementation went very well and our processes have been simplified greatly.“"

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