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A SaaS/Cloud Time and Labor Management Solution: You need to maintain your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Yet, successful workforce management requires a comprehensive, ongoing effort to collect and analyze information and make decisions accordingly. From attendance and productivity data to staff schedules, benefit accruals and time tracking, the challenge is tedious and time-consuming - and increases proportionately with the size of your staff.

Workforce Management is an Integrated Time & Labor Management tool. Flexible and reliable, Workforce Management is designed to help you create a productive, fair and unbiased work environment. Workforce Management strikes the ideal balance between higher-level automation and ease-of-use. Data synchronization ensures all payroll and human resources-related applications run in parallel, empowering managers to quickly identify exception-based occurrences, analyze data collected and forecast overtime. Setup allows for flexible configuration, helping to ensure a quick rollout and greater system acceptance among users.

Whether preparing labor data for payroll, retrieving information for compensation and wage issues, or meeting legal compliance standards, Workforce Management helps you and your managers get the job done easily and efficiently. Workforce Management provides the following benefits:

  • Easily process pay rules for virtually any work environment
  • Automatically assign and schedule employees based on skills, work preferences or lowest cost. Quickly identify deviation from schedules and attendance infractions
  • View historical data necessary to spotlight attendance patterns and future scheduled time off to ensure staffing requirements are met
  • Automatically send time-off notifications to managers for approval and display warnings such as a potential negative balance
  • Test benefit accrual rules before executing to avoid errors and minimize time spent adjusting balances
  • Use Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Services (MS) to enable employees to request time off while providing managers with decision-making tools
  • Track attendance behavior and acknowledge individuals for a job well done based on objective and quantifiable criteria
  • Capture data with alternative timesheet formats and apply business rules instantly
  • Automatically populate company holidays and other pre-approved time off. Drill down into individual timesheets, make edits and enter comments

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